Saturday, July 14, 2012

What a special 2 year old birthday!

Hungry Caterpillar from Amazon, artificial flowers from Michaels, all in a vase filled with fruit loops.
My friend Natalie and her daughter Emily made these egg crate caterpillars!
 . . . and these tissue paper butterflies!
Our birthday flag goes up for every family member's birthday.  
Favor basket with bubble wands.
Water table station . . . the kiddos got soaked!  We needed to change Hallie out of her birthday dress!  lol
A guest seating area with Eric Carle fabric table cloth, color bowl and bubbles to blow.

Our Happy 2nd Birthday Sign from Etsy.  This woman was incredible and did everything to get it just right!

Just making sure this playing situation is alright for all of our guests

Wow!  What an awesome day!  I'm ready to crash . . . but Hallie's party seemed to be a complete success!  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Phew! It was perfect for a two year old and her little buddies! We first got Hallie dressed in her adorable 2 year old hungry caterpillar dress  I purchased from ETSY.
    Hallie's Birthday outfit from ETSY

 At 10:30 my dear friend Jennifer came over and helped with some last minute details and with our craft station.  Hallie's uncle and aunt came too, bearing a huge ice bag and mylar balloons and were super helpers.  Of course, Grandma and Grandpa also broke their backs helping to make everything perfect for their "baby love" too.  It's so nice to have supportive friends and family.  Guests arrived at 11:00 and were greeted with yummy bug juice (recipe linked below), 
Lime Sherbet Punch with Pineapple Juice! Yum!
personalized water bottles, 
Personalized Water Bottle Labels! 
and the Curious George soundtrack (Great kid/adult party music.)  

I covered the buffet with Seran wrap so that people wouldn't start munching too early.  People had a bit of mingle time, and kids got to play a bit in our ball pit, water table and slide.  As soon as all of our guests were accounted for, I had a story time, and read aloud "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." We followed that with a before meal prayer, and then the guests started their munching story.  I had signs and food cards that told the whole story again, of the very hungry caterpillar, and the guests could then munch on the same foods that the caterpillar had!
Apple slices.
Pear slices.
Whole plums.
Whole strawberries.
Costco Brownie Bites
cheese and salami platter

mini cherry pies from ETSY - so cute!
used a cupcake tree with Safeway cupcakes

We served a wonderful spinach salad: Spinach, quartered strawberries, slivered almonds, feta cheese and a light balsamic vinaigrette.

Most of the guests saved the "cupcake" part until it was time for little miss Hallie to have her birthday cake too.  After eating, the guests had more playtime, and my P.E. teacher of a husband was way too cute, and took some parents and kids outside for some buggy parachute time.  Adults who were watching were blowing bubbles into the area.  The bubble wands also doubled as part of our favors. 
Too funny!  All these fun things to do, and the kiddos managed to think that playing in our bathroom was the most fun!  

We came back in, had our "happy cakes" as Hallie calls them, and then opened gifts.  One of Hallie's gifts were some fantastic little musical instruments.  My clever husband gave each child an instrument and then led them in a little parade.  (He is way too cute for words!  I'm a lucky girl.)  We ended with some sweet goodbyes and handing out favors.  I hope my timeline, ideas and links help you if you decide to do a hungry caterpillar themed birthday too!    


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