Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me this time!

Yay!  My new play house!
Well, today rocked for me too!  My parents invited us down to their Santa Barbara home, and we had a beautiful outdoor BBQ for my birthday.  They invited my uncle and aunt, as well as my childhood best friend, Natalie and her family.  The food was delicious, the kids had a blast, and the "Happy Cake" as Hallie calls it was delicious!  (Angel Food Cake with whipped Cream and strawberries!)  It was the perfect mommy birthday. My husband got me a new purse and diaper pod.  (Both of which I love)  The purse was a Baggalini.  I like this one because I can put a little padlock on the zipper, so my daughter won't get into the medicine inside, and I can hold just enough stuff inside for it to be a mini diaper bag.  He got me a cute diaper pod from JJ Cole also (just to match!)  Way to go, hubby!  He must have coordinated with my parents, because they got me a new iPhone cover (an otter box) as well as a new pink iPad cover.  Now my whole bag matches!  Yay!
Whee!  Splash!
Water Fun!
My new diaper pod!  Thanks to my hubby and JJ Cole.  Click on the pod above to find it on Amazon!
My awesome new purse!  I can take everything everywhere, AND be organized!  Click above to find it on Amazon!
And my new Otterbox!  Now my iPhone is Toddler Proof!

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  1. I want an iPhone so bad and your pink Otterbox isn't helping. I'm trying so hard to wait until they release the new one in September. :)

    Happy birthday!